At long last, console games are coming to Three Moves Ahead. Michael Hermes and Jenn Cutter join Troy "Zodiac" Goodfellow to talk about Square's 1997 Playstation game Final Fantasy Tactics. Listen in and learn about chocobos, time mages, and questionable translations. 


I put this into Google Translate, converted to Japanese, and then back to English. That was going to be the show description but I didn't want people to think I was having a stroke. Also, Troy's audio gets a little wonky at the end. Enjoy!


Finally, console game I will move ahead that are coming to three. Michael Hermes and Jen cutter participated in Troy " Zodiac " Goodfellow to talk about the 1997 PlayStation game Final Fantasy Tactics of Square. In and listen, Chocobo, time mage, and learn about suspicious translation.

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