This week, Troy, Tom and Bruce devote the entire show to Demigod, the upcoming RTS from Gas Powered Games and Stardock. Bruce reaches into the past for a boardgame comparison, Tom is annoyed by everyone and Troy likes most of what he sees.

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This week, Troy Goodfellow, Tom Chick and Julian Murdoch discuss what a strategy game is. In a world of genre blending titles, what is core nature of strategy gaming? Listen as Tom sells the panel on his new Japanese child game, Julian dismisses Settlers of Catan and Troy searches for a sponsor.
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Three Moves Ahead Episode 4 This week it's all about wargaming as John Hawkins from KE Studios comes in to talk about  War Plan Pacific. Julian Murdoch returns to explain why he doesn't understand anything, Bruce Geryk would rather talk about Victory in the Pacific, Tom Chick almost rediscovers his love of wargames and Troy Goodfellow resorts to Star Trek Voyager to make a point.

And stay for the end, where John Hawkins unveils his new project!

(Some weather problems at Mr. Hawkins' end caused a little bit of feedback in places. Be patient.)

KE Studios home page
Victory in the Pacific at Board Game Geek
Troy's review of War Plan Pacific
The perfect strategy podcast?

Have a question for the panel? Email me at troy DOT goodfellow AT gmail DOT com.
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Three Moves Ahead Episode 3 This week, host Troy Goodfellow and panelists Tom Chick and Bruce Geryk spend most of their time talking about <em>Empire: Total War</em>, with a lot of armchair game design. Tom challenges the very premise of the Creative Assembly design philosophy, Bruce rejects Tom's premise and Troy tries to get a word in edgewise. Learn for Tom's "perfect strategy game", Bruce's love of Dominions 3 and Troy's memories of Dagestan.

Troy's review of Empire: Total War
Tom's interview with Brian Fraser of Ironclad Studios
Dominions mod forum
Tom discovers Dominions on Usenet

Have a question? Email me at troy DOT goodfellow AT gmail DOT com. And pick Bruce's homework assignment in the comments.
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Three Moves Ahead: Episode Two

Host: Troy Goodfellow
Panel: Tom Chick, Bruce Geryk, Julian Murdoch

The second episode of TMA talks about Halo Wars, Demigod, Sins of a Solar Empire and Empire: Total War, with slight detours into Lord of the Rings Online and whether or not it is cool to use Google while podcasting.
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