The panel jumps the gun a little bit and talks about maps before Troy can finish quite his series, but they have good reason. The team goes over an hour this time so Bruce can call Civilization IV's map dead, so Tom can regale you with his wilderness adventures and so Troy can listen to his colleagues say nice things about him.

Source of the Nile on Board Game Geek
Troy's Map Series from the beginning.
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Four men enter, two men leave as Tom and Bruce welcome their podcast partners into the oldest continuous rivalry in strategy gaming. In the first official multiplayer recap session in TMA history, the panel talks about Dawn of War 2, how the multiplayer experience holds up under the pressures of age and infirmity.

Bonus files include a replay you can load into Dawn of War 2 to see us flail about and an audio of us setting up the game and playing.
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So what happens when an emergency derails a scheduled topic for a podcast? People scramble, that's what. Listen as Troy, Tom and Julian spend half the podcast debating and discussing how diplomacy is best represented in strategy games, and the other half catching up with topics previously covered, with shoutouts to a Flash of Steel commenter, a Qt3 poster and Julian's daughter. Also, bonus references to 17th century English philosophers, JRPGs and the time Tom sulked because he was a poor loser.

Troy's Crispy Gamer article on games and foreign policy
Dokapon Kingdom at Qt3
Free Realms
Dawn of War II patch notes
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This week, the panel uses Popcap's Plants vs Zombies as a jumping off point to talk about defensive games in general - tower defense, grid defense and wargames. Bruce hates playing the Reds, Julian talks about his iPhone, Tom comes with another list and Troy is probably stressing the wrong syllable in Omdurman. We also announce the winner of the Demigod CE.

Desktop Tower Defence
Julian's Plants vs Zombies article at GWJ
More from Tom at Fidgit
Downtown at Board Game Geek
Ambush at Board Game Geek
Carrier at Board Game Geek
RAF at Board Game Geek
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