So what do you do when your guest doesn't show and your schedule for the rest of the week is shot to hell? You go ahead, press record and make it up as you go along.

A beloved friend of the show is on his deathbed and no doctor is in sight to save it. Tom calls Section 8 "the shooter from the Kohan guys" and fights with Julian over whether or not the game is very good or just good.
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Majesty 2 becomes the starting point about the pluses and minuses of surrendering control. Troy, Tom and Bruce talk about the origins of Majesty, other games with the detached czar motif and whether or not the game is repetitive. Listen as Bruce schools Tom on the subtleties of his new favorite game and find out which game Tom thinks is about sex and death.

Also, listen to the worst contest ever.

Bruce Geryk’s original Majesty review
Erik Wolpaw’s rebuttal
Troy’s Majesty 2 review
Tom’s Majesty 2 review
Dwarf Fortress
Tom on Halo 3:ODST’s Campaign and on the firefight mode.

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Ever wonder what would happen to a show where Tom Chick didn’t show up to ask annoying questions? This is the answer.

PCGamer’s role playing game authority Desslock sits in with the remaining panelists to talk about how RPGs and strategy games overlap. Where is character advancement more important than story? Does Dominions 3 count as an RPG? It’s a low key and low energy discussion with only a little bit of nagging to Julian to get his turn in.

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This week, a full panel deals with the question of getting started in strategy gaming. Should people approach the genre from first principles (The Murdoch Method) or through a topic they are interested in (The Goodfellow Approach)? How important is the visual immersion compared to the mechanics?

Bonus: Everyone is called an idiot by someone else at least once.

The Qt3 thread that inspired this chat
Tom’s column on RTSes for newcomers

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The smallest podcast ever! Scheduling confusion means that just Tom and Troy are on hand to talk about naval tactics in strategy games. High on nostalgia, low on insight and yet another plug for Crown of Glory: Emperor’s Edition’s tactical naval engine.

You do get a moment where Tom fancies himself to be Da Vinci.

Lost Admiral
Perfect General
Crown of Glory: Emperor’s Edition
The Battle of Lepanto

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