Tom and Troy spend the hour looking back at 2009, including insight into how to make a Best of the Year list, why Tom finally joined Facebook and the state of the genre in the last year. Dawn of Discovery, Brutal Legend, Heir to the Throne, UniWar, and even Evony.

Bruce is also there, in body if not spirit, but he finds time to complain about why Uniwar is the worst game ever.

Tom Chick’s RTS Round Up at Crispy Gamer
Tom’s Top Ten Games at Fidgit
The Flash of Steel Year End Summary
HPS Squad Battles at NWS Online Store

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A subtle shifting of the guard as Julian Murdoch is back after hiatus, but Troy Goodfellow is off for a week, leaving Julian at the mercy of the far more stable Tom Chick and Bruce Geryk. The topic is religion: does it work in a strategy game as a mechanic? Has anyone done it better than Civ IV? Bruce argues for Dominions and random boardgames about the reformation nobody's ever heard of. Tom revisits the Sims and Europa Universalis, and Julian goes off-topic and spoils all of Assassins Creed 2 (You've been warned.)
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This week, Tom Chick makes the case that strategy gamers need to have a console to truly appreciate the range of games out there. He calls Bruce and Troy “dinosaurs” for clinging bitterly to a fading gaming platform, even though it is at the moment best suited to the deep games that all three love. What is the present condition of strategy gaming in the console arena? Are independent strategy game designers making a mistake by focusing on the PC?
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Rob Zacny comes to the plate as a pinch hitter, but we still manage to get three original panelists together for a long discussion about strategy games gone wrong. Ascendancy, MOO3, Road to Moscow, and other favorites.

Road to Moscow preview at IGN
Bruce’s Review of Squad Leader
Tom’s review of Axis and Allies
Troy’s Diplomacy Review
Rob’s love of the old Total War games
Troy’s review of SupCom for the 360
Chris Remo’s Top 5 PC Games of 2009
Jim Rossignol on ArmA
Tom’s Review of Empire: Total War

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Our first ever guest, Vic Davis, returns for an episode that will not be lost to the ether. Solium Infernum gets invited to a love in as Tom, Troy and Bruce try to explain why it is one of the best games of the year. We can an inside look at game design, how an game about unbalancing your opponents stays balanced and what Vic has up his sleeve for the expansion.

Ameritrash Games
Cryptic Comet
Quarter to Three Games Forum – Full of AARs
Penny Arcade’s Tycho loves Solium Infernum and links to Tom’s Fidgit diaries so I don’t have to

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