No agenda this week beyond a few of my favorite clips, some chat about the podcast’s high and low points and what we’d like to see in the coming year of podcasts. Learn about Tom’s other podcasts, Bruce Geryk’s origin story, whether or not Julian is a game reviewer and how Rob makes his girlfriend cry.

Lots of self congratulation, too, so if you don’t like that sort of thing, maybe you shouldn’t listen.

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Troy is joined by Tom, Julian and Rob to talk about the new expansion for Sins of a Solar Empire. How does Diplomacy work in a multiplayer game? Does it add more personality to a game with rather bland sides? Does Tom cheat? How should Rob refer to his significant other? Where does Julian go when the podcast is over?

Listen to the final podcast to find out why this is expansion made all of us fall in love with Sins again.

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Troy is joined by Tom, Bruce and Rob as they counter December’s religion show with a talk about how strategy games treat science. How do you link technology to other game mechanics? Is there a risk of runaway games if you emphasize science too much? Dead ends, blind research, science of observation and whether you can actually have hard science in a strategy game.

And Bruce replies to comments about his thoughts on Hearts of Iron 3’s infantry weapon research model.


Heisenberg’s War: The Secret History Of The German Bomb Three Moves Ahead Episode 20 on The Snowball Effect in Game Design Tom and Miriam Sitting in a Tree (Wayback Machine – very slow)

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Having not seen each other in weeks, Tom and Bruce giggle like schoolgirls reunited after summer break before getting into their usual sparring. Troy just tries to keep people on topic – futilely. The putative topic: How do you design a game that makes the management of a government as interesting as the issues of war and peace? There’s a side trip into questions about abstraction and the problem of irrelevant detail.

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