Troy, Tom and Julian devote the hour to dissecting the surprisingly good Supreme Commander 2 and the disappointing Command & Conquer 4: Tiberian Twilight.

Why does SupCom 2’s deviation from the franchise formula make the game better? Why is it like Sins of a Solar Empire and Demigod? Do we want to gain experience points in our RTSes? When good design meets bad design in the same package, what wins?

And come hear how disorganized we are for PAX!



Tom Chick’s review of SupCom 2
Tom Chick’s review of C&C 4
Troy Goodfellow’s review of SupCom 2
Quarter to Three Community podcast on SupCom 2
The Flash of Steel Store

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We throw together a show on some of the strategy gaming news and ideas coming out of this year’s GDC. What do we know and not know about Civilization 5? Is Sid Meier coddling players in his psychological approach? And why is Julian on the side of evil in the Facebook wars?

We announce the winner of the King Arthur steam code and begin planning for PAX East.



Fear and Loathing in Farmville
Gamasutra on Meier’s Keynote
Julian’s article on Facebook games
Chris Hecker on the rewarding boring activities
A Theory of Fun for Game Design
Pre-order Sid Meier’s Civilization V
Rob Zacny on the bias against strategy games
Match Defense: Toy Soldiers

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Two games this week.

First, Tom Chick and Troy Goodfellow report on their experiences in the Starcraft II beta. It’s an old school RTS that eschews fifteen years of evolution in favor of keeping things as they were in 1998. What do we like so far? What do we not like? Meanwhile, Rob Zacny asks questions about Blizzard’s continued relevance in the genre.

Then, Rob leaps to the defense of Napoleon: Total War. Hear why he will be probably be giving it a very positive review and why Tom still thinks Creative Assembly should be embarrassed.

Stay tuned to the end for a reminder to enter the game draw for a special prize.

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Troy, Julian and Rob wax rhapsodical about the glories of indie strategy game developer Introversion. What makes Darwinia a “different” RTS? Is Defcon the best multiplayer game ever made? And can you make a game about terrorism?

Listen to the end and learn how you can win a prize. Seriously. I have one for you.



Gamers With Jobs talks to Chris Delay
Introversion’s Tough 2008

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