Rob Zacny's sound goes in and out, but when it works you can hear him, Troy and Julian talk about the latest grand strategy game from Paradox. Why does it make Julian angry? Do you have to force the politics to make them interesting? What does the game get right and wrong about the nineteenth century?

A reminder about the upcoming question show and a preview of coming attractions.


Rob's review at Gameshark

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Troy and Rob dig through their histories to recall bad games that had tiny moments of genius. What happens when a game gets one thing right? Can forgotten games still have a legacy beyond their failures? Can a good idea overshadow a bad game's legacy?

Also reminders of the Question show coming up in a couple of week's time.


"Noble Junk" post

Epic Fails podcast

Rob's Making History 2 review

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Troy - suffering from a splitting headache - is joined by Rob Zacny, Tom Chick (hooray) and Idle Thumbs/Gamasutra star Chris Remo before he heads off to join Irrational Games. The topic: Starcraft 2. Why does such a competitive, sports structured game like SC2 have such wide appeal? Is the single player campaign really that different from other campaigns? And how about that writing? What are the great joys and great disappointments? Finally, what does Starcraft 2 mean for the future of the PC RTS?


Troy's Starcraft 2 review

Tom's Starcraft 2 review

Rob's thoughts

Idle Thumbs podcast


FoS/TMA Meetup details

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Troy, Julian and Rob are joined by Maxis Games' Soren Johnson and Fall From Heaven 2 lead Derek Paxton in a chat about modding. How do you assemble a mod team? What are the trade offs for developers and publishers in supporting mods? Scope and ambition and talent poaching and creativity.

Also news on our upcoming question and answer show and the TMA/FoS meetup.


Fall From Heaven 2

Strategy Station

Meet Up Discussion

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