Bruce Geryk returns to the show to give special guest <a href="">Michael Abbot</a> a hard time in a discussion that is intended to focus on the ethical and moral dimension of wargames and wargaming, but ranges all over the place, including a sidetrack into why people get into wargames to begin with. Rob Zacny tries to keep things on topic and Julian Murdoch explains why Defcon makes him cry and his daughter says the smartest thing in the hour.

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<a href="">Hellmode</a>'s Ashelia (aka Rhea Monique) joins Rob and Julian for a discussion of how strategy games can learn from other genres.

Rob also coins the Old Country Buffet approach to strategy game design.

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Troy and Rob start the show with a talk about what Derek Paxton's move to Stardock means for <em>Elemental</em> and the future of Stardock.

They then segue into a discussion about logistics and supply rules constrain the player in interesting ways. Rob tells another wargame anecdote, we debate whether an AI really understands supply rules and again talk about the best RTS ever made.

This is the October pledge drive, as well, so stay tuned to the end for another plea for money. Not for beer.

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Julian and Rob are joined by Rob Daviau (Hasbro) and Chris Remo (Irrational) to talk about how games let us give in to our worst impulses and betray our friends. Neptune's Pride, Risk, Weinhandler, Starcraft and a dozen other games come up.

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